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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
are so many lawmakers had enough of washington? later, we are joined with a later, we are joined with a hyundai -- holiday-themed >> negotiations in washington are up in the air and with nothing to vote on most lawmakers are headed home for the weekend, but legislators are likely to get an earful about their lack of progress. >> lawmakers getting a lot of washington while they can. >> we have heard eric cantor and house republicans forcing members to be in town for the christmas holiday if the deal is not done before that. >> leave us alone. >> these are the frustrated constituents they will face it social security jobs are cut. >> there will be backlog and disabilities will skyrocket. processing times will skyrocket. >> the few lawmakers left on capitol hill will get some advice when economist mark zandi testifies, and more fallout according to the treasury secretary. >> his did administration prepared to go after the fiscal cliff? >> absolutely. >> a source tells of president obama and john boehner spoke by phone. >> we cannot negotiate by ourselves. >> the hold up right now is
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm EST
lawmakers return to washington day with just five days left to avert the fiscal cliff. all eyes will be on the senate after house republicans said it is up to senate leadership to reach a deal. daniel lee reports on the scramble to come together fast. >> president obama landing in washington late this morning. the senator replacing senator daniel in a way -- daniel in no way rode with him on air force one. >> i do not see how you can have a grand bargain involving tax reform entitlement changes in a matter of days. >> even starbucks is getting involved, right in "come together" on its cups. speaker john boehner is sitting the route out after failing to get house republicans to support his own plan. >> i think john boehner is being controlled, unfortunately, by the right wing. >> that leaves it up to majority leader harry ring in the red -- harry reid in the rest of the senate to find a solution. harry reid's plan will avoid tax creases for -- tax increases for people making too large and $50,000. >> you will see a two-step process here, one with the media dynamic so you can set up a situat
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
the steelers at home and if they win it against washington, they come away with a chance in the playoffs. this is not just about what happened in the last two weeks. over the last two years, they have put more financial resources into their offense than they ever have prior. and there was inconsistency with the offense and the performance on the road and at home. and their ability to win games. it is all part of the equation. but the real crux of it comes with three games left in the regular-season and must-win situations. now they must face peyton manning. and his former head coach, jim caldwell, takes over the ravens offense. >> we appreciate your insight. we know you will be following developments. not surprisingly, we have gotten a lot of comments on facebook. they always blame the coach. when will they realize it is the team? another person writes, who hired him? maybe that is the person that should be replaced. another person writes, it is horrible. we all have bad days. be sure to check wbal for updates. a member of the u.s. navy's elite seal team 6 was killed during the
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
washington, and a state of gridlock, calls it -- as they struggle to come to a compromise to avoid tax hikes and spending cuts. members of both the house and senate are also heading back to capitol hill tomorrow. after the holiday break the president hopes will provide perspective. >> everybody can cool off, everybody can drink some eggnog and have some christmas cookies. >> and return to washington after speaker john boehner failed to get enough support for muslim party for a plan b that the bill that would raise taxes for those making more than a million dollars a year. >> what the president has offered so far simply would not do anything to solve our spending problem and begin to address the nation's crippling debt. >> so are still a stalemate. with the january 1 deadline quickly approaching, some were very we might fall off. >> if we allow that to happen it would be the most colossal consequential act of congressional irresponsibility in a long time. >> the president is expected to arrive here in d.c. early tomorrow morning. the house and senate convened later that day. in washington, i'
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
institute >> good afternoon, everyone. our big story is down to the wire in washington for negotiations and a vote to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff. today, the president will meet with several congressional leaders at the white house to try to work out a deal. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> midafternoon. people in washington are now talking about a smaller deal getting done to try to prevent american from going over the fiscal cliff, but that deal will only be a temporary fix. all the major players are expected at the white house. senate leaders harry reid and its mcconnell, house leaders john boehner and nancy pelosi. it was a done with vice- president joe biden and president obama to work on a short time fixed for the crisis. >> i hope there is a deal that avoid the worst parts of the fiscal cliff, mainly taxes going up and middle-class people. i think the odds are better than they could be that people think. >> the agreement would include not only an extension of middle- class tax cuts but would also extend unemployment benefits for millions. >> tax increas
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
. some possible good news to report in the nation's so- called fiscal cliff. negotiations in washington, president obama and john boehner met for the third time yesterday and they say a deal is shaping up. they say speaker john boehner is assessing tax increases on the rich and president obama is agreeing to more spending cuts. speaker john boehner will brief house republicans on the proposal later today. >> temperatures have bounced back from this morning. we started off in the 50's and some colder air pushed in and now you can see we have bounced back to the upper 50's. 58 degrees at b w i marshall. the wind is a little bit strong. it is gusting up to 20 miles per hour. these wind gusts are helping increase those temperatures. the highs today should range from 58-63 degrees. we are partly cloudy skies and it may be coupled sprinkles in the western part of the state. that is not a major concern around baltimore and we will let details coming back. >> new details about the shooting outside baltimore county bar. county police say a 26-year-old was intoxicated when i left the pub in taos
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
washington cannot compromise. good afternoon. we are watching and waiting, the fiscal cliff negotiations are down to the wire in the nation's capital and talks continue at this hour. jennifer johnson as the latest from washington. >> cut afternoon, democrats and republicans say they are seeing signs of progress but the deadline is fast approaching and america is hours away from going over the fiscal cliff. >> the house will be in order. >> the house and senate are back in session. america faces the fiscal cliff. >> americans are still threatened with a tax hike in just a few hours. i hope we can keep in mind our single most important goal is to protect middle-class families. >> democrats have agreed to extend tax cuts for people making up to $400,000. it is higher than the $250,000 limit the president wanted. the hope is that instead of a grand bargain, a smaller package gets passed with the real job being pushed up until the new year about this whole thing is a national embarrassment. i think it is an embarrassment to the president and both sides of the aisle and both the h
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7